Ladies and Gentlemen!


The current market of lubricants places more and more stringent requirements on the quality of products. The constant increase in the number of specialty oils and the complexity of their formulations, combining with high demands and price pressing of market requires manufacturers to be highly flexible, produce high quality products and constantly reduce operating costs in order to gain a competitive advantage, the best service and the best prices.

GQOIL Innovation is proud to provide CCBL® solutions that perfectly meet the needs of modern lubricant and coolants manufacturers. In our company, you will find a reliable partner for a wide range of applications, from the revamping of existing blending plants to the creation of a new production infrastructure with a unique high production flexibility and the highest economic efficiency.

We have such an innovative product. This is a completely new way of lubricants producing, which significantly reduces energy and time costs, and leads to improved efficiency.


We invite you to cooperate with us under our flag’s motto: 
do evolution, no revolution

Mag. MBA Andrzej Chodyniecki



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