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do evolution, no revolution

When we have started first prototyping process, it was hard battle between theoretically possible effect and facts of destroyed base oils. Thanks the people, believing in success (technologist, mathematic scientist and constructor) we can present to your attention an innovative solution for the production of lubricating oils and coolants now, calling CCBL® - Cold Cavitation Blending of Lubricants.

This result of many years R&D jobs was turning into device, taking 20ft container and it was tested on PRISTA plant (Ruse, Bulgaria) in industrial environment at 2015. The results were very satisfied however, colliding with market reality we have understood that this solution is not proper for user for both dimensional and finance terms. So we have decided to find better solution providing us more compact device with much more reasonable price.

Development of this innovative technology (CCBL®), brings you significant benefits in terms of savings on time and heating in the main phase of the mixing process, and puts the company among the leaders caring about reducing CO2 emissions. CCBL® technology improves also the efficiency in terms inventory management of raw materials and finished products.

We provide holistic model of blending development by using all you have the best and adding our innovative process.



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