CCBL® Jet — for today’s market this module is the most advanced solution of your company. It has been created with the aim to make revamping of existing blending plant as simple as possible. The module can be installed outside of blending reactor, that makes revamping process very easy and flexible.

We recommend to use the CCBL® Jet module for fast and easy modernization of classic blenders, having agitator and heating coils inside, in order to increase productivity and cost savings in the production of lubricants and coolant with minimal capital investment. Also it is suitable for modernization existing installations of In-Line Blending (ILB) and/or Simultaneous Metered Blending (SMB) with CCBL® Jet, that 100% guarantees of the finished product at the output

CCBL®Jet — key advantages

The module provides all key advantages of CCBL® technology, such as:

 •             Reducing electricity costs up to 90%

 •             Reducing heating cost of raw materials during the blending process to Zero


•             Reducing Inventories of the Raw Materials;


•             Reducing blending time due high production capacity of CCBL® Jet 30 MT/h;


•             Reduction of labor costs per produced unit;


•             High quality of lubricants and coolants, due to superior level of homogenization


•             Low capital investments for the modernization of the existing ABB mixers


•             Fast and easy modernization — supply of 1 month from order date


•             High production flexibility – small (<5MT), big (>5MT) batches on the same line;


•             Finished product on outlet, means no need re-blending;


•             No moving parts inside of ABB, no mechanical destruction


•             Easy integration with existing ABB, small dimensions; 

•             Immediate profitability increase.



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