•             The CCBL® IMBP (Integrated Mobile Blending Plant) is conceptual solution for blending plant, building with specialized containers, having approval for storage of fuel.
•             A new look for the opening of a new production of lubricants and the creation of global business anywhere in the world with a high level of mobility and CAPEX saving on start.

The CCBL® IMBP (Integrated Mobile Blending Plant) is an ideal solution for setting up production at areas where the blender is not operating but willing to have own production and to expand the geography of sales.



•             Low CAPEX demand to reach the impossible target
•             Investment time to build Mobile Blending plants – up to 1 year
•             Investment process can be handle on phases
•             Low production cost due to lean production team structure
•             Full control over the quality, planning and execution of every delivery
•             Flexible production to meet small & big orders
•             Fast production process will enable to satisfy the short delivery notices for supply
•             Fast production process will significantly reduce the needs of working capital
•             Full operational independence without complexity, working with sub-contractors
•             Compact infrastructure: 1500 sq.m. approx
•             Changing the location of the Blending Plant at any time, if needed. No more “fixed to the Land”



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